What business really generates PASSIVE INCOME?

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Three Types of Income

In Chapter 3 of our book, Anti Suit Entrepreneur, we discuss the three types of income that we have actually seen work in the REAL world. Here is a general overview of our discussion:

Active Income

Active income is any income that you actively work toward. If you're not working, you're not making any money. Hourly wage jobs, salaried jobs, self employed people (consultants, doctors, lawyers, etc), business owners, contract work, real estate flipping, and day trading would examples of active income.

Recurring Income

Recurring income is income that takes effort to get setup and will continue to come in with reduced effort on your part and allow you flexibility in your schedule. Recurring income examples are: rental property, subscription services, consumable products, business owners, websites that sell products, and the list goes on and on.

Many books and people call this type of income residual income and tout how it lasts forever once you've established it. That's simply not the truth. We call it recurring income to be more accurate and differentiate it from residual income. Recurring income can come in while you're doing nothing or minimal work, but it won't last forever. It takes effort to keep it coming in.

Passive Income

Passive income takes the least amount of effort and gives you the most flexibility in your schedule. Examples of passive income are: interest income, dividend income, pension income, social security income.

Passive income is what everyone wants, but it is the hardest to get. Once you get in the position to make passive income, it takes the least amount of effort to maintain.

Are Your Surviving or Thriving?

Everything is changing - the economy, the job market, the country, and the world. The traditional or old way of doing things is not going to cut it for being successful in the new economy, let alone surviving.

Let's be real for a minute... you know there are some major issues going on right now all over the globe. End of the day, it has an impact on you and your family in direct and indirect ways. Like it or not, the world is getting smaller and smaller.

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I am not sure about starting a business right now, but I would like to learn more. Is there a way to do that?
We recommend you purchase the book, Anti Suit Entrepreneur. Jason Wells and Chris Lopez, the authors of the book also have a course that is specifically designed for people who want something different for their life, but they don't know where to start. You can find the book and course with special pricing for the bundle at:
Will I be contacted by someone?
Yes. Someone from the Anti Suit Entrepreneur office will contact you. If you not serious about starting a business that can build all three types of income discussed in their book, then don't fill out the form. If you want to learn more for now, purchase their book.
First, You fill out the form above. Second, a trusted person from the Anti Suit Entrepreneur Office will contact you. Third, we'll determine if you are the right candidate for our program. Finally, if you are determined to be the right candidate, we'll introduce you to the business and help you get started and begin your training program.
You know the answer you're going to get to that question. We cannot possibly give you that idea, because we don't know you, your experience, and commitment level. However, there are many people who are generating solid active incomes while building recurring and passive incomes; many are making the kind of money that allows them to run this business exclusively.
As with anything, it will take time. Creating diversified cash flow takes time. Anyone can do it, but the reason very few do is because most people don't have the drive and commitment. If you have the drive and commitment to learn, then you have nothing to worry about.

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